A long journey towards a Walkable Community


follows Our safety path...


The Cooper Landing Safety Path was built in 1993 by the local DOT&PF crew and was partially funded by the State legislature through the STIP.  It has been in continuous use ever since.  The Safety Path has hosted the Cooper Landing Trail Run every year since 2012.

The sections of pathway that make up the Cooper Landing Safety Path vary from double-wide gravel to narrow paths on steep banks above the river.

The path includes the pedestrian access on the bridge across the Kenai River and provides east-west travel paralleling the Sterling Highway. 

Many sections do not meet today's pathway standards but are the only way for walkers and bikers to travel through Cooper Landing while minimizing exposure to the Sterling Highway.

In order for a user to travel the entire length of our Safety Path they would face exposure from the Sterling Highway itself in several sections. 

Click on waypoints in the map to find out more about the particular locations, hazards and issues present along the path.