Roadside Pathway Quartz Creek Rd westward to Safety Path connection.

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) signed a Record of Decision (ROD) on May 31, 2018.  The ROD officially selects the Juneau Creek Alternative to design and construct.  This completes the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) review.

Record of Decision.pdf Appendix A.pdf

Based on public and agency comments on the Final EIS, two additional mitigation measures have been added by DOT&PF and FHWA: 

  • A fourth dedicated wildlife underpass at the Bean Creek Trail crossing of the Juneau Creek Alternative. Location and design will be refined during final design. This additional crossing brings the total to five major wildlife crossings (4 underpasses and one overcrossing - Alaska's first bridge dedicated to wildlife use)

  • A separated roadside pathway on the south side of the highway between Quartz Creek Road and the intersection of the "old" highway. The precise terminus at the western end and its connection to the existing "safety path" along the old highway will be determined during final design.

Thank you to all who helped make this happen by submitting comments on the draft EIS.

For a helpful map, take a look at the page titled "Safety Path" on this website.  Because the Bypass project will be interrupting the Safety Path access on the north side of the highway at the point at which the new alignment separates into the actual Bypass from the existing road that goes through town, ADOT is going to create a section on the south side of the highway starting at Quartz Creek Rd. (about MP 45).  This action will help sustain the integrity of the Safety Path as it is a vital travel corridor for locals and visitors alike.